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At the heart of Lee Hamilton lies a profound commitment to redefining excellence in executive search. We are your pivotal ally in the journey toward exceptional leadership. Our ethos is built on a foundation of operational excellence, unwavering integrity, and a relentless pursuit of transformative impacts in leadership.


Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and match exceptional talent with opportunities that align not only with the candidate’s skills but also with their aspirations and personal growth. By doing so, we create value for both candidates and organizations, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership.

We approach each search with modesty, recognizing that every company's growth journey is distinct. Therefore, we tailor our processes to suit your organization's specific phase, whether you're a startup or a corporate.

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About Us

executive search - diversity and inclusion - female leadership - recruitment - board -

The Team at Lee Hamilton

We posses a shared vision of integrity, trustworthiness, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

With Orelio's extensive recruitment background and deep cultural understanding, complemented by Marina's talent management insights and commitment to excellence. We offer a unique blend of expertise.

Together, along with our dedicated team, we're committed to delivering tailored solutions that match exceptional leaders with organizations, ensuring a seamless alignment of values and driving transformative impact.

Incorporating our diverse backgrounds and fully embracing Diversity & Inclusion, we leverage a range of perspectives to drive collective success.


Marina Slinkman

executive search - diversity and inclusion - female leadership - recruitment - board -

Meet Marina Slinkman


A seasoned Executive Search professional known for her insights and commitment to organizational excellence. Marina's upbringing, shaped by adoption from Vietnam and immersion in Dutch culture, reflects her journey of cultural enrichment and empathy-building in a Western society.

Marina's career spans impactful roles at reputable corporates like BME (Blackstone portfolio company and formerly CRH) and esteemed executive search firms. Her tenure at CRH and leadership at BME underscore her ability to navigate complex organizational structures and drive transformative change through talent management strategies.

What distinguishes Marina is not just her extensive professional journey, but also her steadfast dedication to client success. With a proven track record in crafting top-tier operating frameworks and fostering cohesive teams, Marina transcends conventional HR roles to serve as a sparring partner in organizational growth. In Marina, you'll find a humble yet astute ally who seamlessly integrates strategic foresight with a profound understanding of talent dynamics to elevate your organization.

Marina holds a double BSc in Corporate Communications.


Orelio Lopes

executive search - diversity and inclusion - female leadership - recruitment - board -

Meet Orelio Lopes


Orelio Lopes is a Talent Acquisition professional with a rich background in recruitment and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. Married with a daughter, Orelio's upbringing, influenced by Portuguese and Cape Verdean heritage, shapes his understanding of multicultural dynamics—an asset that distinguishes him in the Dutch recruitment landscape.

Orelio's professional journey includes valuable experiences at esteemed Search and Selection firms such as Randstad and YER, where he honed his skills in executive search and recruitment. His time at CRH and Bol.com further showcased his proficiency in corporate recruitment, successfully securing top-tier talent across diverse sectors, including Technology & Digital, Procurement and Finance.

What makes Orelio unique is his expertise in interim recruitment, employer branding, and stakeholder management, Orelio goes beyond traditional recruitment - he becomes a trusted partner in driving organizational excellence through talent acquisition.

With Orelio Lopes, you'll discover a committed professional who not only comprehends the nuances of recruitment but also possesses the cultural insight and tactical foresight to propel your organization forward. Entrust Orelio with your next talent acquisition endeavor, and experience firsthand the positive impact he delivers.

Orelio has a BSc in Business Administration and Management.


Our Values


At Lee Hamilton, clarity is our guiding principle. Prioritizing authenticity and sincerity, we ensure our communication is straightforward and clear. This commitment fosters an environment where open dialogue thrives, enabling us to establish trust and mutual respect with clients and candidates. In doing so, we lay the foundation for enduring partnerships rooted in honesty and integrity.


Engagement is at the heart of everything we do at Lee Hamilton. With a dedicated focus on attentive listening, we endeavor to seamlessly align talent with opportunity, ensuring optimal matches. Throughout every stage of the selection process, we are fully committed to guiding you towards success, making it our shared mission to see you thrive.


Reliability is the cornerstone of our reputation at Lee Hamilton. When you entrust us with finding the perfect match, you can trust that we will fulfill our promise. Our consistent track record speaks quality and result, as companies and candidates repeatedly choose us. Our dedication shines through in our collaborative approach. We partner closely with both clients and candidates to achieve the best outcomes.


At Lee Hamilton, vigor defines our proactive, quality-centric ethos. Fueled by dynamic energy, we deliver high-quality results swiftly. Swift action is vital, yet we never sacrifice excellence. With unwavering initiative, we exceed expectations through a balanced blend of urgency and precision. At Lee Hamilton, vigor ensures outcomes are characterized by both speed and excellence.

executive search - diversity and inclusion - female leadership - recruitment - board -

Giving Back to Society

At Lee Hamilton, we are deeply committed to social responsibility and actively engage in giving back to society, understanding that contributing positively to our community is an integral part of who we are.

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